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Madden NFL '94 is an American football video game released in 1993. It is the first game in the Madden series with an official National Football League team license, as well as the first Madden game that allows players to play a full regular season (via a password system). However, the game is not licensed by the NFL Players Association, so all of the players are identified by number only (the game would get the Players' Association license in the next year's edition).

It is the first Madden game to use the "EA Sports – It's in the Game" audio tag. It also introduces the "Flip play", "Play-call mode", "Pass-catch mode" and "Bluff play" options to the series. This is the first Madden title to pause the action and rotate the screen during punts, kickoffs, and turnovers, rather than instantly reversing P.O.V. to the opposite side of the field, which could be disorienting to players. The field can also be rotated to view plays from any angle in instant replay.

This is also the first Madden game to have Super Bowl teams available for play without any special codes.

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