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Virtua Cop is a 1994 lightgun shooter created by Sega AM2 and designed by Yu Suzuki. The Saturn version included support for both the Virtua Gun and Saturn mouse, as well as a new "Training Mode" which consists of a randomly generated shooting gallery.

Players assume the role of police officers - either Michael Hardy, or his partner, James Cools. Played in a first-person perspective, players must use a light gun (or a joypad in the Sega Saturn version) to shoot criminals and advance through the game. Players begin the game with a reloadable chamber of six bullets and a set number of hit points. Taking enemy fire causes the player to lose a hit point; power-ups can be shot to grant the player a special weapon or even an extra hit point.[6] There are also civilians that the player must not harm during the stage. If the player hits a civilian, it counts as the player losing a hit point. The special weapon will be lost if the player takes damage, but not if he shoots a civilian. Players can score extra points for "justice shots" (disarming an enemy without killing them, done by shooting their hand) and "bullseyes" (shooting the center of the Target Circle).

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