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Mass Destruction is a 1997 third-person action game developed by NMS Software Ltd. and published by ASC Games and BMG Interactive. Released for the Sega Saturn, the game puts players in control of a tank, and tasks them with destroying enemy forces. It has often been likened to Return Fire.

Mass Destruction is a single-player only game. The player takes control of a tank, which is viewed from an overhead perspective, and undertakes various missions in which the objective is to destroy a specific object in their environment, while avoiding being killed by the enemy forces. The player chooses from three models of tank: one which moves fast but has weak armor, one which moves slow but has heavy armor, and one which is a moderate mix of both assets. The tank has a selection of weapons, some with limited ammunition. The gun turret can be rotated independently of the tank's movement, allowing the player to proceed in one direction while firing in another.

In addition to a primary objective, each mission has optional secondary objective which award the player bonus points if completed.

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