The Soviet Game Sensation!

Your pulse quickens. Beams, boxes, zig-zags and "L" shaped building blocks drop relentlessly down a narrow passage.

You quickly spin, shift, and align the shapes then slide them in for a perfect fit.

It's challenging and the pace is demanding. But satisfaction comes as you position each block neatly into place.

Start at new heights for a tougher contest. Pick the mustic and set your pace from 20 progressive skill levels.

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Reviews for Tetris

Bradley B.'s Photo'

Bradley B.

Great game!

Really great game. Still fun to play.

Martin L.'s Photo'

Martin L.

A great time waster

Tetris is one of those games everyone should have in their collection. It's great to just throw on and play for 15 - 20 minutes. It's even more fun when competing against another player in the two pla...

Lydia C.'s Photo'

Lydia C.

A fun game to play

I really enjoyed playing Tetris on the NES when I was a kid. It can get quite frustrating though when the game speeds up and you don't have time to react.

Robert J.'s Photo'

Robert J.

My favourite puzzle game

Tertis is probably my favourite puzzle game. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. It's also quick to get started which makes it perfect for killing a bit of time.

John D.'s Photo'

John D.

One of the best versions of Tetris

Tetris on the NES is classic. It is responsive and performant, forcing you to think on your feet as you approach the high levels. It's a classic for a reason.