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Wario Land II is a platform game released for the Game Boy in 1998. It was later re-released and optimised for the Game Boy Color hardware. In the game, Wario has to recover his treasure from Captain Syrup.

Unlike in most video games of the time, the game's challenge comes mostly through impeding player progress by implementing physical obstacles, puzzle-solving, paths blocked by coin or treasure locks, or forcing Wario back to previously-visited areas. By finding hidden exits in some stages, the player can change the direction of the game's plot and uncover different endings, as well as find more treasure. In addition to the Really Final Chapter, five other endings can be unlocked by collecting all the treasures. An enemy-themed Simon Says minigame based on the Game & Watch game Flagman can be unlocked by collecting all the picture tiles. Wario does not have any life points and cannot die; some enemy attacks simply knock him backward and cause him to drop some coins. He can take advantage of certain enemy attacks however to undergo transformations which allow him to reach areas that he cannot normally get to. For example, exposure to fire makes Wario run around and later become entirely engulfed by flames, which allows him to defeat enemies on contact.[4] In contrast to its predecessor, the game does not have a time limit, which allows the player to explore the areas in unlimited time, a feature which is incorporated in subsequent installments.

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John D.

Another great platformer from Nintendo

Wario Land 2 is great platformer on the Game Boy. Delivering the tight controls and clever gameplay you expect from a Nintendo game, but also the comical zaniness of a Wario game. Wario Land 2 expands...