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Fighter Destiny 2 is a sequel to Fighters Destiny. It was released in 1999-2000. Fighter Destiny 2 made improvements upon its predecessor, boosting the FPS to 60, and adding graphic and audio enhancements. Some of the characters make a second appearance in the sequel, but the majority of the cast is all new. Although the game mechanics remain unchanged, a new "Fighter's Arena" mode has been added, a giant board game that allows players to build up their characters' attributes in addition to having them learn new fighting skills. The character Ryuji, from the first game, seems to have been renamed as Saeki for unknown reasons.

There are eleven default characters in Fighter Destiny 2. Ryuji makes a return as Saeki, while Abdul, Meiling and Ninja make another appearance with their original names. Pierre makes another appearance as well, but is now more flamboyant than previously. They are joined by newcomers Adriana, a Samba dancer from Brazil; Federico, a scientist from Italy; American street warrior D-Dog, who very much resembles Dennis Rodman; fashion model Kate from Great Britain; German professional wrestler Ziege; and British punk rocker Dixon.

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