Big Mountain 2000



Big Mountain 2000 is a Snowboarding video game for the Nintendo 64.

Big Mountain 2000 puts the player in control of one of six racers of varying abilities using either snowboard or skis. There are three different modes to choose from: a single-player Championship, a 2-player Multiplayer mode, and Time Attack. The player can edit their selected racer's loadout of snowboard/skis and clothing to compliment or detriment their various stats. There are three race types: Free Ride, Slalom and Giant slalom. On top of trying to beat their own personal record, the player also has a countdown timer which will disqualify them from the race if it reaches zero. Time can be added by passing through one of the two Checkpoints on their selected stage during Free Ride or passing through the flags on the slalom courses. Players can perform tricks by moving the control stick and pressing the B button in mid-air. The player also a stamina meter that decreases after wiping out, collision with another racer, or uneven landings from a jump, with longer time intervals between falling and getting up each time the racer falls over.

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