AeroGauge is a futuristic, sci-fi hovercraft racing game designed for the Nintendo 64 game console and was released in 1998 (1997 in Japan).

AeroGauge takes place in Asia during the year 2065. The game has four tracks and five vehicles from the start, with additional tracks and vehicles that can be unlocked via the Grandprix and Time Attack modes. The game includes vehicle damage, which is shown with a meter on the bottom of the player's HUD. As the player gains damage, their vehicle will begin to spark and smoke. If a player acquires too much damage, their vehicle will stop, slowly land to the ground and the screen will fade black with the text "Retire". To prevent this, players can repair damage by flying through the tracks' shield regenerating areas at low altitude. Each track features their own twists and turns including upside down or vertical racing with obstacles blocking the player's path.

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