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WCW Backstage Assault is a professional wrestling video game by Electronic Arts. It was the final World Championship Wrestling (WCW) game released as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) purchased the company's assets three months later. Backstage Assault features commentary by Tony Schiavone and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

The game takes place in an arena with seven connecting levels, having fourteen rooms in total. While a match begins in one room, it may end anywhere the players can access. They may visit other rooms if the door is open. Each room is littered with objects that may be used as weapons. There are also other hazards that cause damage if a player runs or falls into them. Players can improvised advanced attacks that normally require a ring in certain areas, e.g. climbing to higher areas in order to perform diving attacks. Performing a string of successful attacks and counters increases a player's momentum. Gaining full momentum will restore some stamina and allow you to perform a finishing move for a limited time.

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