General Chaos



General Chaos is a 1993 video game developed by Game Refuge Inc. and published by Electronic Arts for the Sega Genesis. General Chaos is a satirical arcade/strategy game.

Ever since they were babies, brothers Chaos and Havoc enjoyed playing war games with each other and their classmates, and expanding their knowledge of military tactics. One day, Chaos discovers a rare comic book more valuable than any of the books in their ever-growing library, and shows it to Havoc. Unfortunately, this proves to be a mistake, as the mere sight of it brings out his greedy and treacherous side. Havoc tries to take the book for himself, but it rips apart in a tug-of-war. After this, the two brothers blame each other, and grow apart. Years later, they both become military dictators of the fictional countries of Moronica (Chaos) and Viceria (Havoc). The two generals war with each other for decades, but for all the battles that rage across the land, they cannot achieve victory. After days of consideration, they come to the decision of using smaller, quicker armies of soldiers all specializing in a particular kind of weapon to settle the score permanently.

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