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The player plays as either Batman or Robin. There is also a fighting game mode called "training mode" where the player can play as Batman, Robin, or any of the enemies found throughout the game against either a computer-controlled opponent, against a second player, or cooperatively against two computer opponents.

The controls are largely based on move lists and key sequences. Some gadget moves involve moving away from the enemy right before pressing a punch or kick button.

The gadget list is selected by the player each level, with three standard gadgets for each character and two gadgets selected from a list. There are also four hidden "blueprint" gadgets.

There are two kinds of co-op modes in Batman Forever. Players chose between Batman or Robin. In one mode, Batman and Robin work together and cannot harm each other, although they share credits. In another mode, however, Batman and Robin can attack each other, but still need to look out for enemies and have separate credit counts. The co-op mode is not included in the Game Boy and Game Gear versions.

The Super NES and Genesis/Mega Drive versions of the game are very similar. The PC version is the same as the SNES and Genesis versions, though Batman and Robin appear in their movie attire. However, the PC version also has loading delays. The Game Boy and Game Gear versions do away with a majority of the puzzle-solving of the SNES, PC and Genesis versions and opt for a more traditional platform fighting game.

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Ivan T.'s Photo'

Ivan T.

While some might criticize this game for having clunky controls and boring level design, they could not be more wrong. Batman Forever is one of the best Batman games ever made, falling short only in c...

John D.'s Photo'

John D.

One of the worst games ever

This is probably one of the worst games of all times. Majorly clunky controls, horrible music, awful level design and braindead combat add up to make a terrible experience that made me cry as a kid wh...