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WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is a professional wrestling video game released on the Nintendo GameCube console by THQ. It is the sequel to WWE Day of Reckoning.

Day of Reckoning 2 features similar gameplay to the previous Day of Reckoning game with returning features such as Momentum shift and momentum lift. New to the game is the stamina meter, which slows wrestlers' movement over time and when completely depleted, temporarily leaves characters winded and open to attack. In addition, different levels of bleeding on the player's character also affect the character's ability to regain stamina.

The game also introduces four types of submission options. While applying a submission hold, players can choose from one of four submission types: a Taunt submission depletes the opponent's momentum meter, a Rest Hold submission allows the player's character to regain stamina, the Drain submission drains the opponent of stamina, while a regular submission move causes damage to a particular body part.

Players can again create wrestlers and customize each character's set of attacks. Each character can be assigned between one and nine finishing moves, one for each position an opponent is in. The game's Story Mode picks up from the story introduced in the first Day of Reckoning, but created wrestlers cannot be imported from the first game.

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