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Trip World is a 1992 platform video game developed and published by Sunsoft for the Game Boy. It was released in Japan on November 27, 1992, and in Europe in 1993. The game's plot centers around the bunny-like being Yakopoo and his quest to retrieve the flower of peace so that peace will return to Yakopoo's disarranged world. The protagonist's trademark ability is to shapeshift into different forms.

At first glance, Trip World appears to be a scaled-down version of Gimmick!, another Sunsoft game released in the same year. In Trip World, the player controls Yakopoo through five relatively large and slightly linear stages. They include areas such as a mountain, a jungle, the ocean and a castle. The stages also feature some secret passages and divergent paths. The objective is to find the stolen flower of peace, since the inhabitants of Trip World turned mad because of its absence, acting as the enemies in the game. At the end of each world, Yakopoo faces a boss, in the fifth and last world the player has to defeat multiple bosses in a row in order to complete the game. There are also a few mini-bosses in certain parts of the stages.

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