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Fester's Quest (also known as Uncle Fester's Quest) is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System based on the 1960s television series The Addams Family. It was released in 1989 in North America.

One night, a UFO beams up all the residents of the city where The Addams Family lives; this is except for the members of the family, whom Grandmama, the only one to predict invasion, cast a protective spell on their home beforehand. As the father of the family, Gomez Addams, must continue to guard the home from invaders, it is up to Uncle Fester to use his gun and save the townspeople from the aliens.

Fester's Quest is a shoot 'em up game that takes place in three overhead areas (the streets, the sewers, and the UFO platform) and seven houses where the hallways are viewed from a 3D perspective.

Along the way, Fester encounters other members of the Addams Family: Thing, Wednesday, Gomez, Morticia, Grandmama, and Pugsley, all of whom help him by giving him different weapons and items. Use of one particular item, the Noose, will summon Lurch to destroy all enemies on the screen. The game uses Blaster Master's overhead shooter engine.

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