Blinx: The Time Sweeper



Blinx: The Time Sweeper is a third-person platform game developed by Artoon and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released for the Xbox on October 7, 2002.

Blinx works as a Time Sweeper at the Time Factory, a facility located outside of time itself that's dedicated to the creation, distribution and maintenance of the flow of time throughout the dimensions. Whenever Time Glitches are found in any part of a dimension, Time Sweepers like Blinx are dispatched to whatever dimension the glitches are in to locate and correct them before they solidify into Time Crystals. If left unchecked, the crystals will transform into Time Monsters, which will roam freely among whatever dimension they're in, disrupting time and distorting whatever they come into contact with. But when the Tom-Tom Gang, a malevolent army of pigs, begin to steal and destroy countless Time Crystals in a dimension known by the codename "B1Q64", it becomes unstable to the extent that the Time Sweepers decide, for the safety of all other dimensions, to halt the supply of time to it, suspending it and its inhabitants indefinitely. But when Blinx spots Princess Lena, the monarch of Dimension B1Q64, being held hostage by the Tom-Tom Gang, he enters the dimension via the Time Sweepers' Time Portal, moments before it closes, to rescue her.

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