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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is an expanded port of Super Mario 3D World for the Nintendo Switch, released on February 12, 2021 as part of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. It features a standalone story known as Bowser's Fury, which takes place in an open-world-styled area called Lake Lapcat and involves Mario and Bowser Jr. cooperating to bring Fury Bowser back to his original state. The Super Mario 3D World game also supports local wireless and online play with up to four players, both of which were absent from the original version.

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John D.

Understated Mario game with a pleasant surprise

Super Mario 3D World is the best Mario game that no one has been talking about. It's got beautifully crafted levels loaded with clever secrets and fun power ups. The new cat suit really promotes explo...