Super Nintendo Console (SNES)



Your about to experience a whole new dimension in home entertainment – The Super Nintendo Entertainment System! The Super NES combines new technology with the classic excitement of Nintendo games to create spectacular new games that redefine the meaning of fun!

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System will astound you with the most colours, the biggest characters, and the smoothest, most detailed animation imaginable. Cascading sounds echo crisply in super digital stereo. Crystal clear 3-D graphics shrink, expand and spin with amazing speed. Multiple backgrounds allow for complex scrolling, shadowing, and depth like you've never seen in a video game!

Experience the ultimate in sight and sound with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System!

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Reviews for Super Nintendo Console (SNES)

John D.'s Photo'

John D.

Best console of the 16-bit era

Simply put, the Super Nintendo was the best console of the 16-bit era. Great graphics, great games and loads of fun.