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NBA Street Vol. 2 is a basketball video game, published under the EA Sports BIG label and developed by EA Canada. It is the sequel to NBA Street and the second game in the NBA Street series.

Like the previous game, NBA Street Vol. 2 consists of 3-on-3 street basketball. There are 29 fully playable NBA teams from the 2002–03 season in all modes once unlocked. The game also features four different modes to choose from including a Pick Up Game, NBA Challenge, Be a Legend, and Street School. The game also features several new trick moves and dunks, as well as introducing a level two "gamebreaker". Players will also earn reward points after every game that they win, which can be used to purchase many rewards such as players, jerseys, and courts. If players win a certain number of games, some rewards will be automatically unlocked.

In addition to "street legends", players can also unlock "NBA legends", including Larry Bird, Julius Erving, and others.

The game, at the time of release, was the only available game on the market in which three incarnations of Michael Jordan are playable: the 1985 Chicago Bulls Jordan, the 1996 Chicago Bulls Jordan, and the Washington Wizards Jordan. It is possible to play as a team made up of the three different Jordans (or the "All-Jordan" team as Bobbito García refers to it).

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