Champions of Norrath



Champions of Norrath features a traditional role-playing video game storyline, in which the player acts as a hero who must save the world via a series of quests and battles. Divided into five acts, the game begins with a quest to assist the elves in their war against the orcs, who have formed an alliance with goblins (which is strange to the citizens of Norrath). However, in later acts, the player must eventually travel to the underworld and beyond thanks to the antics created by the strange orc leader and his contacts. The game takes place in the focal world of the EverQuest universe known as Norrath, prior to the events of the first EverQuest online RPG, which was itself prior to "The Shattering" of the moon Luclin. The game applies many elements of the EverQuest universe. There are three main antagonists in the storyline: Pelys, leader of the orcs, Vanarhost, a vampire in the Underworld who also narrates the entire game and Innoruuk, the God of Hatred.

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