Astyanax is a 16-year-old student from Greenview High School who has been having a recurring dream in which a young woman is calling out for his name. One day, while on his way to class, Astyanax is suddenly transported into another dimension. Astyanax meets the fairy Cutie, who explains that he is in the kingdom of Remlia (a possible mistranslation of Lemuria) and has been summoned to rescue its ruler, Princess Rosebud, who is being held captive by the evil wizard Blackhorn. Armed with the legendary axe Bash, Astyanax sets out on a journey to Blackhorn's lair with Cutie in order to rescue Rosebud. In Blackhorn's castle they fall into a trap and Cutie sacrifices her life to allow Astyanax to fight onward alone. He eventually destroys Blackhorn, and is transported back to Earth by Rosebud. Astyanax wonders if he dreamed his entire adventure until he sees Cutie, who has been reborn as a human. As they embrace, he sees a vision of Rosebud saying this is a reward for their bravery.

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