The Mission: Shatter this enemy defense lines and destroy the military headquarters of a war crazed nation.

The Time: Sunrise.

The Place: Classified information.

The Weaponry: Tiger-Heli and you.

Tiger-Heli. The result of a billion dollar defense project. The ultimate stealth jetcopter. Turbine powered. Forged from ebony metal and glistening chrome. Armed with heat-seeking missiles and impacy bombs. Able to fly in the stratosphere or inches above the ground. With only enough fuel to get you to the heart of the mega-fortress. Getting out is up to you.

It's a last-ditch effort to halt a war-crazed nation. Fanatics sworn to overrun any country they can conquer. And, in this war, they've been winning.

They have rocket firing tanks, destroyers, and weapons never seen before.

You have Tiger-Heli.

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