Stinger is a shoot-'em-up video game developed and published by Konami.

Moero TwinBee can be played by up to three players simultaneously: the first two players control TwinBee and WinBee (the ships from the previous game) using the standard Famicom controllers, while the third player controls GwinBee (a green ship) by connecting an additional controller into the console's expansion port. Unlike the original TwinBee, which only featured vertical-scrolling stages, Moero TwinBee adds side-scrolling stages to the mix as well. There are seven stages in the game. Stage 1, 3, and 7 are side-scrolling stages, while the rest are vertical-scrolling stages. The controls remain the same between the two styles of gameplay, with the only difference being that in the side-scrolling segments, the A button shoots hearts over the ship instead of dropping bombs into the ground like the vertical-scrolling segments, which helps the player keep the power-up bells afloat in the side-scrolling stages.

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