A teenager's dream vacation on a tranquil south sea island... A shooting star!? ... It's and omen of disaster! Mike's archaeologist uncle has been kidnapped. Mike alone can rescue him. Thus begins the test of island courage.

Happy villagers eagerly assist, but endless enemies threaten every step. Mike's search leads him through the lush wilderness of the StarTropics. As he travels on foot, or by submarine through this sunny land of dark secrets and deadly peril, Mike is a tireless fighter.

Using common sense, an island yo-yo, magic potions, and mysterious new weapons and skills, Mike must defend himself. Restore his strength with coconut milk. Help him defeat strange creatures, sea monsters and hidden attackers.

Join Mike in his adventure. Journey to the StarTropics.

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Reviews for StarTropics

John D.'s Photo'

John D.

Cool but clunky

StarTropics is a cool game, blending elements of RPG world map exploration with Zelda-like dungeon crawling. World map portions are pretty fun, requiring some puzzle solving to get to the next dungeon...