You are still the one and only Captain Johnny “Jimbo Baby” McGibbits, The Infiltrator. It seems like only yesterday that your daring heroics left the Mad Leader in ruins, nipping his plans for world domination in the bud.

But intelligence reports indicate that the Mad Leader has risen from the smoldering ashes in which you left him. Once again, the world is in peril and only you – world-class sprinter, aerospace engineer, consultant to every free-world leader of the last two decades, and ace helicopter pilot – can stop the Mad Leader. Too bad; it looks like you’ll have to postpone the christening of the USS McGibbits and that little soiree you had planned with Vanna this evening.

After all, you’ll be busy flying your Gizmo DHX-1 Attack Chopper behind enemy lines in search of the Mad Leader’s new headquarters. Once there, you’ll begin an all-new series of ground missions to thwart the Mad Leader’s revitalizing troops. But be careful! This time, the Mad Leader knows who he’s up against!

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