Flight of the Intruder



Experience the raw emotion and harrowing danger of intense air combat over North Vietnam in this simulation based on Stephen Coonts' best-selling novel, Flight of the Intruder. The time is 1972 during the Linebacker Campaign, and the actual scenarios of this simulation have been authenticated by Vietnam pilots.

You'll be accompanied by as many as seven other friendlies as you catapult off the USS Shiloh and head into hostile enemy territory. Switch between any A-6 or F-4 cockpit at any time, a feature unique to Flight of the Intruder. Choose one of thirteen different daring missions OR act as Commander of the Air Group and design your own missions.

Each mission is a vital part of the overall campaign and success is measured by operation completion and safe return of all aircraft. The enemy MiGs are merciless and the battles are chillingly lifelike - so real, you may wake up at night in a cold sweat.

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