Bandit Kings of Ancient China



At the dawn of the 12th century, Gao Qiu, the evil and greedy minister has seized all Imperial authority.

The Emperor has one last chance to restore the glory of days past - a desperate gamble to find the last great hero in China : that's you!

As a Bandit King you will defeat Gao Qiu's soldiers in impressive battles from the monsoon-beaten plains to the icy steppes of the north.

As a fine diplomat, you know which prefects to choose, with whom to ally and to which subterfuges to resort in order to mislead the enemy.

Though supreme ruler of your land, you must however be mindful of your population's cohesion. Would it be better to train your men, trade fur for gold, build towns or promote agriculture? So many decisions, and more, to take !!

Experience the tingling thrills of power with "Bandit Kings of Ancient China", the impressive historical simulation.

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