Starshot: Space Circus Fever



Starshot: Space Circus Fever, also known as simply Starshot, is a platform game for Nintendo 64.

Starshot is a star juggler for the Space Circus, which is directed by Starcash. When the Space Circus ship sends the Missile Parade down to the Planet Tensuns to advertise their circus, the missile is blown up by three robots. Starcash sends Starshot, along with his partner Willfall and his rocket down to Tensuns to find out who destroyed the rocket. Starshot discovers that the rival circus Virtua Circus is the cause of the destruction of the missile. Starshot finds a way to deactivate a force field around Virtua Circus' spaceship legs and destroys the legs with the help of a few sharks, sending Virtua Circus away from Tensuns.

Once back on the Space Circus' Ship, the circus is approached by a representative of the intergalactic bank to inform Starcash that if he doesn't pay back his loan to the bank within ten days, he along with his ship will be annihilated. Starcash sends Starshot down to the planet Killer Expo to find a detection device to get new acts for the Space Circus. Starshot finds the detection device and it is used to find different things for acts for the Space Circus. Starshot is sent to four other planets, which are: Primitron, Ultimacrash, Technomummy and Earth.

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