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Rocket: Robot on Wheels is a Nintendo 64 platform game published by Ubisoft. It is the first game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and the home platform using physics engine. The game would have been named Sprocket, but was changed due to trademark conflicts with Game Sprockets.

The game has six different worlds for the theme park. They are opened by finding separated tickets in each worlds. The player controls the titular robot and trades tokens to a maintenance robot for abilities. Each world has vehicles to solve puzzles and unlock the final stage. The game uses jazz and psychedelic music.

Rocket is a robot created by the architect Dr. Gavin, the owner of a futuristic theme park Whoopie World. Before the opening day, Gavin goes to a party, leaving Rocket to watch two animal mascots: Whoopie the walrus and Jojo the raccoon. However, Jojo abducts Whoopie, steals all tickets and tokens, and makes the park go haywire. After finding the tickets and tokens, Rocket defeats Jojo and frees Whoopie. With the park restored, Gavin congratulates Rocket and names it RocketLand.

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