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Multi Racing Championship is a racing video game developed by Genki and released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. In Championship mode, the player competes against nine computer-controlled racers. Finishing first advances the game. In Time Trial mode, players try to finish a course in as short a time as possible. Ghost car is included so the player can compete against the best time recorded. Free Run mode lets the player drive freely without other opponents or time limit. The VS Race mode lets two players compete against each other. The unlockable Match Race option pits the player against a hidden computer opponent in a night-time race. Weather effects like rain, fog and snow are included.

MRC features ten cars, which are divided into two groups: road cars and off-road vehicles. There are seven different areas for car customization: tires, brakes, suspension, steering, transmission, gear ratio, and aerodynamics. MRC includes three tracks: Sea Side, Mountain, and Downtown. The courses have multiple paths and mirror images can be unlocked

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