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International Superstar Soccer 64 is a video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka in the International Superstar Soccer series by Konami. It is essentially a Nintendo 64 version of International Superstar Soccer Pro.

The game is similar to the PlayStation version (including the same player names, with the exception of Japan, England and a handful of USA players), but with some teams having a more inaccurate home or away kit. USA, for example, uses their 1994 World Cup Adidas "stripes" kit as home kit and their then-current Nike home kit as away kit. Gameplay is similar to that of the Super NES predecessor, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, upgraded for the Nintendo 64 with 3D animation. While it keeps largely the same team roster (with the teams now sporting near-authentic kits), South Africa debuted in this game as a selectable side, replacing Morocco. However, the Japanese version has teams that are not present in the Western versions; these being Bolivia, Yugoslavia, Iran, Australia, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

There are six game modes, including single match, league battle, and penalty kick shootout. The player can assign a team member to cover a specific member of the opposing team. International Cup has the player competing against a range of teams from around the world in a round-robin tournament; World League is a series of 70 matches against every one of other teams in the game.

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