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Iggy's Reckin' Balls is a video game that was developed for the Nintendo 64 console by Iguana Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment in August 1998. It involves a set of ball characters with faces and unique personalities that race around a series of vertical obstacle courses in order to win medals. The characters use grappling hooks to climb to other platforms and attack other players. Power-ups, scattered throughout the 100 courses, equip the players with temporary special abilities. Up to four players can participate. Modes of play include Arcade, Mix-up, Time Trial and Battle. There are a total of eight characters to choose from immediately, with an additional nine hidden characters that can be unlocked later. The game is named after Iggy, who is the main character. Iggy represents the developer's mascot, an iguana.

Iggy's Reckin' Balls is a simple racing game with tower-based levels. Each type of stage is divided into 10 towers. The players race up the tower and the first to reach the top is teleported back to the bottom. Once two or three laps (or just one in final towers in each world) have been completed, the tower is destroyed and the player moves on to the next tower. There are ten worlds in Iggy's Reckin' Balls, each containing ten towers. There are initially eight characters to choose from. Each character has their own personality.

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