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Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is a third-person shooter video game in the Duke Nukem series, developed by Eurocom for the Nintendo 64. The game uses a relatively large 32 megabyte cartridge and can also use the Expansion Pak to allow for better graphics but slowing down the frame rate. It has a 4 player split-screen multiplayer mode that uses a first-person view.

The plot revolves around time travelling aliens attempting to alter the course of history and eliminate Duke's ancestors. Locations, weapons, items, and clothing are relevant to the time period Duke is in. Compared to the comically over-the-top thematic tone used throughout most of the series, this game noticeably features much more mature plot elements, such as an encounter with Jack the Ripper near the still-fresh murder scene of Mary Jane Kelly in Victorian England and a rather serious depiction of a future New York devastated by atomic warfare.

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