CyberTiger is a 1999 golf video game featuring Tiger Woods, for Nintendo 64. Woods is the main opponent and best-rated player in the game.

The main objective is to play in tournaments through each circuit and defeat Cyber Tiger and other golfers to win the championship as a professional in career mode. This is the first game to feature Tiger Woods as a character in video game other than Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

Players begin as either Tiger Woods or a created character on Spyglass Hill, the featured golf course in the game. After winning in the Career mode, players can unlock the other championship courses. The Career mode begins players as children, from which they may earn their way to adulthood. Players start off on the Junior Tour as young golfers playing in a one-round tournament. After that, players compete in three more tournaments. Winning any one of them allows players to go to the Amateur Tour, where they must win one of two events to qualify for the Pro Tour. After that, cash is awarded for winning.

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