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All Star Tennis '99 is a simulation tennis game for the Nintendo 64 released in 1999, that was developed by Smart Dog and published by Ubi Soft. It was one of the first tennis games for the N64 and the only one for that system in the USA until Mario Tennis.

It offered standard simulation game play with singles, doubles and tournament mode, as well as World Tour mode consisting of 11 international competitions. In addition to standard moves the player can turn on an option for three specialty moves, two of which are unique to the character that they are using, each time a player scores a point they are given 1 of 3 energy points that can be used to perform one of the two unique moves for their character. There is a Bomb Tennis mode that makes a bomb appear where the ball touches down, if the player is caught by its explosion, it causing the character to be knocked off their feet for a few seconds.

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