Valis III



King Glames leads denizens of the Dark World to conquer both Earth and Vecanti. He seeks a home for his people before the destruction of his planet. Against this common foe, Yuko Asou finds help in her new girlfriends, a Dark World warrior-maiden named Cham, who was a demon born in the Dark World and uses a deadly whip, and her own sister Valna Asou, who grew up within Vecanti and became strong in the ways of magic. Furthermore, the Valis sword is shown to be capable of more than what Yuko has accomplished with it thus far.

During the course of the game, Yuko rescues the kidnapped Cham and Valna from captivity. A visit to the ruler of Vecanti, Nizetti, unleashes the blade's full potential, which culminates in a climactic battle between the three girls and Glames as well the returning antagonist from the first game, Rogmes. The Valis warrior defeats them both, and for her dutiful and unwavering service, Yuko is permitted to step down from being a guardian and become a goddess in Vecanti, leaving Earth behind forever. The Valis sword retires to the heavens as well, as the dream world prepares itself for prosperity, while Cham and Valna wave good-bye to Yuko as she departs to take on her new role.

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