Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2



He's back, and he's one oppumped-up oppossum!

Sparkster is jet-packin' into action as the toughest Rocket Knight to ever swing a sword. Grab the controls and blast through eight wild stages in your quest to rid the world of the evil King Gedol and his allies—a pack of lizards that are tougher than a suitcase!

Oh yeah, and before ou get too comfortable—Axel Gear is here. This Rocket-Knight-gone-bad has a score to settle with Sparkster. Our hero will need his REVVED-UP new rocket pack and powerful new attack moves to kick Axel's tail back to the dark side of the planet.

Come on. Don't waste time on games that were designed for somebodies little brother. Take Sparkster for a spin and feel what real adventure is! You'll sizzle through the secret rooms in the Ancient Ruins and stomp lizard butt in a midair battle. Search for powerups and avoid oppossum squelching traps, and see some of the most amazing boss characters ever put into a video game.

Feel the oppower of the oppossum!

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