Contra: Hard Corps



Kickin' Cyborg Butt...

That's what it's ll about, dude. Jack into this game of genetic engineering gone bad. Real bad. It's five yers after the mother of all wars ended—and things still aren't right. You job is to fix it.

THe ever-popular Contra series makes its Sega Genesis debut with a pulse-pounding new story line. At 16 megs, HARD CORPS pushes the technology to bring your over ten gut-wrenching levels with huge boss characters, great graphics and dynamic sound. Find high-powered weapons such as the homing gun, crush gun, needle laser or mine setter. Do you think you can handle it? Trust me, you can't.

You still here? Okay, then ge ready for the fight of your life. Pick one of the four heroes and begin your search across many dark levels of doom. The ending changes, depending on the paths you choose—but every path crosses boss characters that will blow you away. Literally.

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