Alien Storm



Shape-changing alien scum take over your city. Fry the slimy horrors and smash their bid for global conquest. Blast into action with ray guns, flame throwers, power whips and more!

But watch your step! Harmless objects might transform into vicious aliens. A trash can erupts with spiked tentacles that slash at the helpless. Only quick reflexes and precision weaponry can keep you off the alien's menu. Tackle the invaders solo or simutaneously with a friend. Fight from two different perspectives, including a 3-D iew into the screen. The excitement is red hot in this arcade classic.

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John D.'s Photo'

John D.

Fun beat 'em up with an interesting premise

Alien Storm is a cool beat 'em up by Sega where aliens have invaded earth, disguising themselves as humans and inanimate objects, and it's up to you to defeat them. For the most part, this game plays ...