Star Fox Adventures



At the far edge of the Lylat system, an army of diabolic dinosaurs has shattered the tranquil world of Dinosaur Planet. The future looks bleak...until Fox McCloud enters the fray. For the first time in his legendary career, Fox leaves his Arwing to battle enemies hand to hand with an enchanted staff of untold powers.

In the biggest challenge in Team Star Fox's history, he'll weild weapons and magic against massive bosses, fly Arwing missions and explore vast prehistoric lands. He'll need all the help he can get from old teammates Slippy and Peppy-and new allies like Prince Tricky and the mysterious Krystal. The balance of power shifts ever more to the evil General Scales, and the Fox hunt is on...

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Reviews for Star Fox Adventures

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John D.

Great adventure game with a few flaws

Star Fox Adventures is a fun adventure game, with exciting combat and interesting puzzles. The graphics for the time we're also quite good and I think still hold up well. There are some flaws that kee...