P.N.03, short for Product Number Three, is a 2003 science-fiction third-person shooter video game developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 and published by Capcom for the Nintendo GameCube. Set in a science-fictional space colony compound, the game follows a female mercenary fighting against berserk robots. It was directed by Shinji Mikami. To avoid similarities with Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, the game designers emphasized defensive and rhythmic maneuvers, and a "delicate" "feminine" game world.

The game was developed on a tight schedule in an attempt to offset Capcom's poor fiscal year. However, it received mixed reviews and failed commercially. Several critics found the game repetitive and unintuitive. They were divided on its gameplay mechanics: some disliked its controls—specifically the inability to move and shoot simultaneously—while others compared it favorably to golden age arcade games. Mikami repurposed ideas from P.N.03 for the game Vanquish.

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