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Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a compilation of video games developed by Atomic Planet Entertainment and published by Capcom. The Anniversary Collection contains the first eight games in the original Mega Man series, which debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System with the first six games, moved to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with the seventh game, and moved to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn with the eighth game. The plot follows the robotic protagonist Mega Man in his continuing adventures battling the evil Dr. Wily and his army of Robot Masters.

Each game has a similar structure in which the player traverses a series of themed stages to face off against boss robots, gain new weapons and abilities, then defeat Dr. Wily in a final confrontation. For the first six titles, an extra feature is the "Navi Mode", which provides hints and pathways for completing each stage. In addition to these eight games, the Anniversary Collection includes two unlockable arcade fighting games (Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters), which had a limited release outside Japan. These two titles are similar in gameplay but a bit more stream-lined. The battles cut straight to the bosses, who get progressively more difficult with each one defeated. Other unlockable elements in the Anniversary Collection include original art, remixed music, and bonus videos.

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