Battletoads is an action game originally released by Rare in 1991 exclusively for the Game Boy handheld game console from Nintendo. Despite having the same title as the original Battletoads game, Battletoads for Game Boy is a completely different game with other levels. It was never ported to any other systems.

The player controls Zitz and it is only a single-player game. Zitz is given three lives and three continues to complete the game, after which he must start over. The gameplay is a mix of side-scrolling fighting and various vehicle races, ranking up to eight stages (nine if to also include the final showdown). As in the case of the original Battletoads, the Game Boy game is also notoriously difficult to beat, requiring fast reflexes, memorization of obstacles, and patience. However, there are many differences in the levels and they range in difficulty when encountering enemies or obstacles.

Almost every stage finishes with a battle against a boss, including known boss characters in the series like General Slaughter, Scuzz, Big Blag, General Vermin and Robo-Manus, who is this game's final boss. This is also one of the two Battletoads games in which the 'Toads do not have to confront the Dark Queen herself, although she still taunts the player in cutscenes before the levels in a similar fashion to other games in the series.

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