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WarioWare: Touched! is a minigame compilation party video game released by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. The fourth installment of the WarioWare series, and the first of three on the Nintendo DS, the game involves rapidly completing "microgames" — simple minigames lasting extremely short periods of time — as quickly as possible. The microgames are exclusively controlled with the Nintendo DS's touchscreen and microphone.

In the game's opening cutscene, Wario finds a two-screened console and decides to develop games for it to make money. The rest of the game features self-contained stories for every character in their stages. Wario gets a toothache after eating chocolate. Jimmy T. gets a bug in his hair while dancing. Mona plays in a concert. Ashley sends a demon named Red to capture Orbulon. Kat and Ana try to locate their stolen bananas. Dr. Crygor upgrades himself with a new invention. Mike does karaoke for a planet of alien bunnies. 9-Volt and 18-Volt play a video game. In the game's final level, Wario eats some "nasty garlic" and turns into a superhero, Wario-Man.

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