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Retro Game Challenge is a Nintendo DS game developed by indieszero and published by Namco Bandai Games. It is based on the television series GameCenter CX and Shinya Arino gave much input into the game creation process.

In the game, the player selects a boy or girl playing retro games to appease the Demon Arino (based on the TV show's host Shinya Arino). The Demon Arino gives four challenges to complete for each game.

Each game is original, but with graphic, sound and game-play elements which make it look old, or retro. Many of them are similar in both gameplay and appearance to real Famicom games of those years. They come with fully illustrated manuals.

Occasionally there will be a fake gaming magazine, Game Fan Magazine, that has articles about the games, rankings (with other fictional games named), and "game advice" from GameCenter CX ADs who have appeared over the seasons of the TV show. In the case of the North American version, the pseudonyms of journalists better known in English-speaking countries were used.

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