Kirby Mass Attack



Kirby Mass Attack is a Lemmings styled platform game in the Kirby series developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS, which released worldwide in late 2011.

Kirby travelled to the Popopo Islands, an archipelago in the south of Planet Popstar, to explore. After Kirby fell asleep in a field, Necrodeus, the evil leader of the Skull Gang, appeared from the sky. Using his magic staff, Necrodeus struck Kirby and split him in ten tiny individual Kirbys, each with only a fraction of the original Kirby's power. After promptly defeating all but one of the 10 Kirbys, The last Kirby notices a small star, which is his own Heroic Heart, controlled by the player's stylus. After journeying through the Popopo Islands, he defeats Necrodeus in space and uses his staff's power to re-combine the 10 Kirbys into their original form.

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