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Keystone Kapers is a video game developed by Activision and published for the Atari 2600 in April 1983.

The game takes place on a side-view display of a three-story department store and its roof. The store is eight times wider than the portion in the main display, and the screen scrolls to the left or right when the player reaches the edges. Movement between the levels is accomplished by escalators located at alternating ends of the map, or an elevator in the center. A mini-map at the bottom of the screen provides and overall view of the store and the location of the players.

The player controls Officer Keystone Kelly with the joystick, which is used to run to the right or the left along a given floor. When he reaches an escalator he will be taken up to the next floor. Kelly can also use the elevator in the center of the map to move up and down, but doing so requires careful timing as it moves on its own. Kelly begins the game in the lower right on the first floor, and normally begins running to the left to reach the escalator to the second floor.

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