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Mario Golf: World Tour is a golf video game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.

World Tour is a golf simulation video game with the basic premise mirroring the basis of golf. Controlling characters from the Mario franchise, the player aims to hit a golf ball with a golf club across a golf course in order to hit it into the target hole in the lowest number of strokes. The game in particular employs an arcade-like approach to golf, emphasizing simple, straightforward controls and faster paced gameplay over realism. Despite this, some courses are modeled to look like real-life courses, while others are Super Mario themed environments. The game continues to employ the gameplay mechanic of "Super Shots"; when chosen by the player, they allow for extra distance when hitting the ball, although only a limited number of them are allocated per course, creating a strategic aspect to their use.

The game also contains online multiplayer golf tournaments, and a feature to find other players to play golf with.

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